Search Engine Marketing

It is estimated that over 85% of online shoppers are directed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So next time a customer searches for your product in a search engine, what will they find? Your website or your competitors?

Search Engine Marketing is the practice of promoting your website within search engines to drive more customers to your website. With the billions of websites out there, it is imperative that your website is visible to search engines. Search engine marketing is without a doubt the most important form of online marketing today. It is the fastest growing form of advertising and has an unparalleled ability to draw in highly qualified and targeted visitors to your website.

  • Search engine optimization and marketing is the most effective and efficient advertising medium ever available to the business owner. It has proven to generate the highest ROI than any other form of marketing.

  • Search engine optimization and marketing allows you to reach a global audience in every market that you target more effectively than TV, Print, Radio, or Trade shows. Never in history have businesses been able to expose their message to more people than now. More consumers and businesses use the Internet now to research products, companies, and technology, and shop pricing than ever before.

  • Search engine optimization and marketing is crucial for the success of your website. Over 85% of internet traffic is directed by search engines and studies have shown that 78% of users will abandon their search within the first 3 results pages.

  • Search engine marketing also is the most measurable medium of all advertising mediums. Detailed traffic statistical analysis allows you to see where viewers come from, what they do when they get to your site, how many you convert to sales, and more.

There are many forms of Search Engine Marketing. We specialize in providing services in the following areas, as they have proven to be the most effective.

Pay Per Click (PPC/CPC) advertising

We are the experts in Google Adwords. We know how Adwords works and we know how to get results for your business. We offer a full end to end approach to implementing Google Adwords campaigns, for clients in Australia or anywhere in the world.

Google Adwords Campaign Setup

We charge a once off setup fee to design and setup your Adwords campaign. Campaign setup includes:

  • Analysing your business and website and determining the best strategy to market the products or services you wish to sell with Google Adwords
  • Registration and setting up of your Google Adwords account
  • Researching and defining the most effective and relevant keywords and phrases for your campaign
  • Developing effective advertising copy for your campaign
  • Advising you on a recommended daily/monthly budget
Google Adwords Campaign Management

We charge a monthly fee (Pay per Click costs not included) to continually monitor and optimize your Adwords campaign to help you achieve better results. Campaign Management includes:

  • Constant optimizing of your campaign, including modifying keywords, ad copy, cost per click, and campaign settings as needed to achieve maximum ROI on your campaign

  • Regular performance reporting of results including click through rate and sales conversion tracking
  • 24/7 automated bid management
  • Monitoring of your Adwords competition and using superior campaign strategies to beat your competition
  • Advising you of potential new campaign opportunities for your products and services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of increasing your website's relevance to search engines for a strategic set of keywords and phrases that apply to products and services offered on your website. It is about increasing the natural ranking of your website, and is not a paid ranking scheme. SEO is a reiterative process of building pathways from your website to Internet searchers and maintaining those pathways.

SEO requires knowledge of functionality of your website, the nature of search engine algorithms and more. To successfully market on the internet requires in depth knowledge of these elements to ensure a return on investment. SEO is not an easy discipline to understand, let alone master.

There are many suggested shortcuts that search engine consultants and optimisation firms suggest employing in their attempts to help you achieve high search engine rankings in the search results. Unfortunately, some of the optimisation techniques that can increase your search engine rankings can also get you into trouble with the search engines, resulting in your site's pages being penalized and your rankings lowered, or in your site being removed from a search engine's index entirely. Be cautious, as some of the search engine marketing advice that you read on the web simply does not work and could even prevent you from achieving good rankings in the future.

Our Search Engine Optimization Service
  • Analysing your business and website and determining the best strategy to market the products or services you wish to sell using your website
  • Researching and defining the most effective and relevant keywords and phrases for your website
  • Optimising your website's content and meta data for the keywords and phrases
  • Submission of your website to major search engines and directories
  • Defining linking strategies including reciprocal linking
  • Ongoing optimization and submission of your website
  • Reporting and analysis on your website's performance
Why you should act now?

Each time a potential customer conducts a search for your products in a search engine, and your website is not in the results, your company is losing potential business! Take the first step and get ahead of your competition by contacting us now.