No of Hours41530
Email SupportYesYesYes
Chat SupportNoYesYes
Phone SupportNoYesYes
Minimum Response Time4 hours3 hours2 hours
CostBuy now
AU$ 199.00
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AU$ 675.00
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AU$ 1200.00

Stuck in a mess? We are here to help.

Did your vendor just mess up your website, and now you don’t know where to go to? We hear such horror stories every day.

Is maintaining your existing website getting very expensive? Do you think you are paying too much for too little?

“ Our Support Packages are tailor made for your requirements. Use only as much as you need. ”

We develop web, mobile and tablet applications. However, not everyone needs a new application to be developed. Often clients
ask us to fix a bug, or add some content to their websites; This is when our Support Packages come handy. The packages are
priced aggressively and you can expect nothing short of stellar support when you contact us. If you choose to move the hours to the
development of your project, that can be arranged as well!

Support Packages are useful for:

  • Getting errors/bugs fixed on your website/application
  • Managing frequently changing content on your website
  • Tweaking code or adding minor features
  • Server-down scenarios that require immediate attention
  • Tasks requiring continuous technical oversight

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